Even if you did have some business here, I still don't want to see your face though. Yet you still come, huh?

—Yūta Sasaki, to Kuniharu Ogino

Yūta Sasaki
Name Yūta Sasaki
Kanji 佐々木 優太
Romaji Sasaki Yūta
Age 15
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Dark Blue
Special ability Hamusenryū
Occupation Detective assistant
Affiliation Inaba Detective Agency
Partner(s) Hiroshi Inaba
Kei Nozaki
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Asami Shimoda
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Yūta Sasaki (佐々木 優太 Sasaki Yūta) is a cross-dressing young boy who serves as Hiroshi Inaba's secretary. He hates Kunihara Ogino to the point of wanting hurting him.


Yūta Sasaki Art Design

Yūta's anime appearance

Even though Yūta is a boy, his appearance deceives people into thinking that he is a girl. Makes sense since Yūta is a cross dresser. He has rather short, blonde hair. His bangs in front cover his eyebrows while the back covers his neck. He has a hairpin on the right side of his hair. He has light blue eyes and a rather cute and innocent face.

His attire consists of a light pink shirt with a dark top under it, help up by straps that are tied around his neck. The pink shirt has a purple butterfly print on the left side of his waist. He also wears a white belt around his waist. He completes his outfit with a very short, blue skirt, beige, leg warmers and brown heels.


Yūta always has a gentle smile on his face and pretends to acts in a similar way to a stereotypical cute anime girl, the little-sister type. He shows affectionate actions to Hiroshi in the same manner, though they are mostly unanswered.[1] However, there is more than meets they eye, as he shows a very sadistic side when dealing with Kuniharu Ogino, Hiroshi's past partner.[2] This is due to Yūta jealousy of Ogino and Hiroshi's relationship of mutual trust. Yūta is also proficient in martial arts.[3]


Unlike Kei, Yūta volunteered to be Hiroshi Inaba's detective assistant and also claims that he understands Hiroshi better than anyone.[4] Their history together is unknown however.


Intro arc

When Ogino enters the Inaba Detective Agency, Yūta and Kei welcome him, even though Yūta sarcastically implies that he's very unwanted. Hiroshi refuses Ogino's job at first, but gives in later and Yūta suggests to pour Ogino some tea. However, Yūta says that they're out of cups and that Ogino will have to drink from the tea cooker. Ogino has no objections. After Ogino finishes his tea and discusses the case with Hiroshi, they all move to the mafia boss' hideout.[5]

Yuta seals

Yūta seals the trap door

Arriving at the scene, the group sees Don Valentino and are attacked by his subordinate, Lorenzo. Ogino enters the house carefully and falls into a trap in the ground. Yūta seems flustered and rushes in, only to seal the hole in which Ogino fell in some more. He taunts him with a sadistic undertone. Seeing how evil he is, Don and Lorenzo try to recruit her into the family. Not much after, Yūta seems to have stolen the money and tries to pursue Hiroshi to flee together. He fails and after Ogino (poking his head from the fridge) convinces Hiroshi to attack Don, Hiroshi asks Yūta to do his Hamusenryū. Yūta obeys and transforms Hiroshi into his werewolf form. He later hands Hiroshi a black hair of supposed high quality. Hiroshi emits his gloomy miasma of despair and Yūta explains Hiroshi's ability to Kei.[6] Don's group eventually flees the house.

Skills & Abilities

Yuta's Hamusenryū


Hamusenryū: A secret Finger Fist Technique that has both killing and reviving abilities. The technique itself consists of multiple finger jabs onto the target. Yūta has used this technique on Hiroshi's back in order to transform him into a werewolf.[3]


Hiroshi Inaba

Main article: Hiroshi Inaba

Yūta adores Hiroshi. He has a strong admiration towards his superior, that might go as far as calling it "love". Yūta is extremely protective of Hiroshi and claims to be the only one who really understands him.[4] In extension, he is very jealous when Hiroshi displays affections towards someone else and also at people who have a longer history with him than Yūta does, the prime example being Ogino. Yūta occasionally tries to attract Hiroshi's attention, but Hiroshi seems oblivious about Yūta's advances.[1]

Kuniharu Ogino

Main article: Kuniharu Ogino

Because Ogino was Hiroshi's partner long before Yūta became his assisant, Yūta hates Ogino. Enough said.


They met in episode 5. Yūta and Noah instantly bonded over their similar personalities and mutual desire to kill Ogino. Despite technically being enemies,Yūta and Noah remain to be enthusiastic in each others' company and are text buddies. Noah is currently the only character besides Hiroshi that Yūta has shown protectivness over. Yuta and Noah seems to have feelings for each other. During Yataro's date with Noah, Yūta refered to himself as his "rival".


  • (To Kuniharu Ogino) "You sure come here a lot for someone uninvited!"[7]
  • (To a trapped Ogino) "Fufu... If you want some oxygen, just say the word. "I'm just a petty country's dog.""[8]
  • (To Hiroshi) "Sensei! With Ogino-san's death, it's dangerous with us alone. Let's run away fast!"[1]


  • Yūta ranked 6th on the first popularity poll, 9th on the second.
  • His birthday is December 23th.


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