Name Stella
Gender Female
Hair color Light Brown
Eye color Green
Occupation Police dog
Affiliation Police Force
Anime Episode 3
Japanese Ai Fukuda
Image Gallery

Stella is a young dog entrusted to Japan from France.


She is always seen wearing a plain white long sleeve shirt, with a pink dress. Instead of wolf ears she has begal ears. Of course, she is from the France, so she is also seen wearing a yellow cloak. Stella has light brown hair and big round green eyes. She appears to be only 10 so she is very short and adorable.


Energectic and will do anything for sweets. If you come between her and her sweets your lucky to be alive.She is the only person that likes......



Introduction arc

When Stella first arrives at the Japanese police force, Ogata attempts to greet her lovingly, only to be stopped and told off by Ogino, he states that Stella is "naturally" very timid. Proof of this is when, behind them, she is shivering by the corner with a police shield and helmet. Ogata then changes his tactics, and formally introduces himself as well as lift her up and promise to protect her as he was ordered to. This brings forth trust, and when Ogata decides to take her to her 'senpai' and have cake, Ogino shouts at him, scaring Stella.[1]

Stella is initially frightened by the agency's crew, as they surround her. After a traditional dance, Hiroshi gets Stella to shake hands with Ogino, so that she loses her fear of him. She asks why they are no longer friends, since Hiroshi referred to him as 'his former partner'. Both reassure her that they are still friends. After some talk, Ogata invites the group to go and buy some cake, with everyone – save for Ogino – making their way by dancing and chanting "cake".[1]

However, shortly after arriving, they are ambushed by Don and his subordinates, with the group split in two. Stella is stuck with Kei and Ogata, and are confronted by Gabriella. After some struggle, they manage to win, and Stella emerges angry and eager to 'eat' Don. Hiroshi, afraid that she will gain a lust for blood, restrains her. Don and his gang are able to successfully flee the area. At the conclusion, Stella is shown to have instead become obsessed with elastic, and she is shown pulling on Hiroshi's cheek.[1]


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