Name Soumei
Kanji 聡明
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Relatives Hiroshi Inaba (biogical son)

Haruka Inaba (biogical son)

Special ability Werewolf
Occupation Former police dog

Unofficial NORA leader

Affiliation NORA
Anime Episode 4
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Soumei was a former police dog who was arrested over the suicide of his partner, Joji. He now mainly resides in a sheep-sized doll, as the unofficial head of NORA.


Soumei has shoulder-length black hair, partly tied at the back, and has black eyes. 30 years later, his appearance has shown to have aged somewhat.

Most of the people he possess often bear an 'evil' look on their faces.

The sheep doll which he currently possesses heights about 10 cm and wears a blue vest.


Soumei is fairly perverted, often trying to molest Natsuki, and once lifted a female suspect's leg high up, thus seeing her underwaer (although it was so he could check for blood under her shoe).

He is also laid-back, but can be as a diabolic, as seen when he plans to kill Ogino, despite the latter having made no offense. On a comedic side, he is usually displayed as in vain.


Soumei worked for the police force as their most dangerous and powerful police dog. Most of the Secret Dobermen also seeked comfort in Soumei, and began to only follow his wishes. On one such occassion, Soumei was given the task by his own people to personally kill a young Doberman who had taken samples from blood, when she shouldn't have, death by Soumei was considered honorable, compared to being taken out by the police.

Soumei was partners with Joji, who he remembered as a man who 'yelled a lot'. They spent 18 years working together, with Soumei even sending a present to Joji's daughter (much to Joji's disapproval). Thanks to Soumei, Joji was able to rise through the ranks.

Later, when Soumei informed Joji that it was the police who were corrupted, Joji stood by this belief as well, but found it too hard to stick to the truth while surrounded by lies. Leaving behind a suicide note, Soumei was left disturbed by his former partner's actions, even to this day.

However, the police decided to arrest and lock up Soumei for apparently 'murdering' Joji. With them denying the existence of a suicide note, that night, Soumei left his body and began to take numerous hosts, one of which would later become Yatarō, who was personally trained for such a task.

Meanwhile, the police began using Soumei's DNA to create new Secret Dobermen, due to the fact that the previous lot left, following Soumei's arrest.