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Natsuki's Mugshot.png
Name Natsuki
Gender Female
Anime Episode 4
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Natsuki (夏輝) is a wolf/human hybrid and the only female member of NORA.

Natsuki is voiced by Kanae Oki (drama CD) and Asami Seto (anime).


Natsuki is shown to have long black hair that is cut in a typical anime style, which she pulls back with a pink bow. rather large black eyes and you can see her fangs (if you look closely enough).

Typically, she wears what seems to be NORA's uniform a white jacket with blue lining and since she is female, a white skirt again with blue lining. 


Natsuki is a very cheerful person who is almost always smiling and chirping around. She can be rather dense sometimes and she is shown to worry over Haruka Inaba's"s health. 


Haruka Inaba

Natsuki appears to be rather good friends with Haruka as Natsuki worries about his health and she is willing to fight and/or sacrifice herself for him.

Yatarō Shinozuka

It is confirmed that Yatarō and Natsuki are childhood friends and it is also hinted that Natsuki might have feelings for him as she has the jealously when he asked Noah out.  

Skills and Abilities

Telepathy: Natsuki can read a person's mind by just holding their hand. 


  • The name Natsuki means "summer" (夏) (natsu) and "brightness" (輝) (ki).