Name Gabriella
Kanji ガブリエラ
Romaji Gaburiera
Age 25
Gender Female
Hair color Dark green and brown
Eye color Green
Occupation Assassin
Affiliation Mafia
Manga Chapter 2
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Yōko Hikasa
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Gabriella (ガブリエラ Gaburiera) is a top assassin of the Valentino family. She serves under it’s current boss, Don Valentino.


Gabriella's Art Design

Gabriella's anime appearance

Gabriella is a full grown woman with a average height and weight. She has medium-long hair that reaches over her shoulders. She has almost-black dark green hair. She has two streaks of light brown hair parted in the middle in front of her face. Gabriella's eyes are a clear shade of green and she wears oval glasses. When she's not wearing her glasses, her eyes puff up comically. Gabriella dresses in a long, white coat. The coat reaches down to over her knees. Bordering buttons in front, is a large stripe of green, with gold lining, just like the coat. The large green stripe is also present in the cuffs of her sleeves. Under her coat, black pants can be seen, before being tucked into dark brown, high combat boots. When she's not wearing her usual clothes, she dresses casually and plainly.


She's a sadist. Enjoys subordinating others with a specific ideal height she sets (shorter than her, within her line of sight), and treats anyone else shorter than that height like trash, including Don. Her warped way of expressing her emotions is by shooting them in the head or heart with a bullet, whether it's anger or affection... Either way, someone is always on the receiving end of her gun.

She gained an interest in Kei Nozaki after she found him to be within her height range.


Intro arc

Skills & Abilities

Gabriella's gun

Gabriella with her gun

Weapon Specialist: Being a highly-trained mafioso assassin, Gabriella is familiar and very proficient and effective with firearms. She carries her own handgun and can accurately aim and swiftly shoot at someone's (this mostly being Don) head.[1]


Don Valentino

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  • Gabriella ranked 13th on the first popularity poll, 12th on the second.
  • Her birthday is November 8th.


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