Episode 8
Episode 8
Episode 8
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Release date February 23, 2013
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Episode 8 is the 8th episode of the Cuticle Detective Inaba anime. It aired on February 23, 2013.


Sasaki Yuuta Kidnapping Case

Yūta Sasaki is kidnapped by Don Valentino, Kei Nozaki figures it is clearly a trap and that Yuuta was captured by choice. Kuniharu Ogino, Hiroshi Inaba and Kei are on their way to rescue him, even if it is a trap. Yuuta has lot's of fun messing with some of the traps, nearly killing Don various times. Yuuta and Noah decide how they're going to kill Ogino. The gang appears at the castle that Yuuta has been taken to; they find Noah who has set so many traps that everyone inside is literally trapped and they must be rescued regardless. They split up into two groups, Ogino is set to save Yuuta, while Hiroshi, Noah and Kei go to find Haruka. Upon climbing the outer walls of the castle, Ogino goes to rescue Yuuta. However, Yuuta puts up a fight and reveals a poisonous dragon (Donragon), in a cramped space. Meanwhile, after saving Don and Haruka, Hiroshi, Kei and Noah have to deal with a three headed beast. Each head has a seperate name, "Cer", "Ber", "Os". Ogino uses Donragon to help Defeat Cer, Ber and Os. Unfortunately, Donragon's poison has effected Yuuta and is in need of an antidote. After being saved from poison, Kei requests that Yuuta thank Ogino for saving him. Yuuta gives Ogino a big hug and pushes him off of a cliff, in which he lands on a tree.

Inaba Family Breakdown Case (Part one)

The scene opens with Soumei, who thinks about his old partner Jojima Kaoru. Meanwhile,Don Valentino gathers everyone together to find a way to kill Kuniharu Ogino, so that they can then get to Hiroshi Inaba. Don's meeting is interrupted, as Ogino has find their hideout. The group runs off, as Soumei takes over Yatarō's body in order to stall Ogino and his men. Soumei asks Ogino why he smells very much like Jojima Kaoru, who is then revealed to be Ogino's grandfather. Soumei takes over Ogino's body and is plotting to kill him; which will not affect Soumei's spirit. Soumei recollects his memories to Yataro, of Joji. In a world of corrupt police, Joji was a man of the law who sought justice, while Soumei was an expert detective. After many years together, the police were getting more and more corrupt. Due to the criminal actions of the police, Joji eventually committed suicide and left a note. Soumei was arrested and accused of murdering Joji, while the suicide note magically disappeared. Yataro questions if Soumei is okay with murdering Ogino, in which Soumei replie that he would kill Joji if he had too. Suddenly, Yataro is attacked by a red wolf, none other than Hiroshi.

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