Episode 6
Episode 6
Episode 6
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Release date February 9, 2013
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Episode 6 is the 6th episode of the Cuticle Detective Inaba anime. It aired on February 9, 2013


The Mastermind Black Fang Arrival Case

It is revealed that Soumei is the soul of a Wolf, who can switch bodies of people who are willing to let him in. Years ago, he was framed for murder and wants to know what happened to his body. He is actually the father of Hiroshi Inaba and Haruka Inaba, and would like for Hiroshi to find his body. (Which is never actually accomplished in the episode and just skips to the next skit)

Extra: 5/27

Yuzuki Ogata comes to celebrate and pester Kuniharu Ogino's for his 30th birthday. In honor for Ogino becoming an old man (Despite the two only being a year apart), Ogata celebrates the birthday with a cake that has dynamite for a candle. Ogino wants to know why his parents tell Ogata things and not Ogino, his friend is more popular with his parents than he is.

Extra: The Wolf's house

Soumei and his little pups, Hiroshi Inaba, Haruka Inaba, Stella, Yatarō and Natsuki invade an evil goats house to defeat them and bring them to justice! After capturing all of the minion goats, one escapes and finds their mama. The mama goat chases the pups around the room with a weapon, when Papa Soumei saves the day and knocks her out.

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